About Us

Bixler Insurance Inc., an independent insurance agency, evolved from several small agencies in the Berne and Geneva area. In 1946 Herman J. Bixler joined the Wm. F. Phenig agency in Geneva, and soon after formed the Herman J. Bixler Agency, and coined the motto “Service beyond the Contract”. In 1966 Herman purchased the Jiggs Moser agency in Berne, and his brother Melvin Bixler managed the Berne office. In 1974 the name was officially changed to Bixler Insurance, Inc. and Herman’s son-in-law, Russ Flueckiger, joined the agency.

There have been many changes at Bixler Insurance since 1990. In 1991 Matt Lehman joined the agency, working in Berne for Melvin. In 1992 a Portland office was opened and Steve Stockton joined as the manager of that location. In 1994 Herman Bixler passed away and Russ Flueckiger became the President of Bixler Insurance, Inc. Melvin Bixler entered semi-retirement in 1995, and Matt Lehman became a partner in the agency.

In June 2006 Bixler Insurance, Inc. purchased the Dave Riehle insurance agency in Decatur, IN. Also in 2006, Decatur native Doug Nelson joined the agency, having several years of prior experience in the insurance industry. Doug became a partner with Russ and Matt in 2008.

Most recently, Dustin Cressman joined the agency in 2013. Dustin came to us with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Insurance, as well as two years of underwriting experience with an insurance company. Dustin became a partner with Russ, Matt and Doug in 2015.

Bixler Insurance, Inc. is a multi-lines independent agency representing many fine companies, and protecting the needs of many families, farms, and businesses. We have been serving the area for over 60 years, and the entire staff continues to serve our customers with “Service beyond the Contract”.

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