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Indiana: Cracking Down on Uninsured Drivers

Did you know that there are 38 states better than Indiana at getting their drivers to carry auto insurance? 16% of Indiana drivers are currently without

What is an Umbrella Policy, and Do You Need It?

If you own a car, a home, a business, or a farm, you are at risk for a catastrophic accident and lawsuit. Unfortunately, the truth is, catastrophic accidents

Rental Car Coverage?

A question we often get asked, Do I need to buy rental car insurance? Normally, your current policy will cover damage to a rented vehicle, but only in

Employee Wellness Programs

Employers, as you know wellness programs have been around for quite some time, and take many shapes and forms. We find that a lot of programs out in the

Business Income and Extra Expense

Also known as Business Interruption or Business Continuity coverage, it's the most overlooked coverage for a business. Business owners routinely see the

Insuring Your Life

Life Insurance, it's something that nobody likes to talk about, but everyone will use at some point. There are many products out in the market, which can

Protecting Your Home From FIRE!

Fires can damage your home quickly and permanently. However, there are preventative tips that can greatly reduce the chance of having a fire. Things like

Winterizing: It’s that time of year!

As the first leaves hit the ground and those fall breezes turn from cool to cold, it’s time to prepare for winter. Whether that means snowstorms and