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What is Commercial Insurance?

Having a business of any size is a big responsibility, and you need to protect your business from things that are both known and unknown. There are plenty of people in Bluffton, Fort Wayne, New Haven, Portland, Decatur, IN, and the surrounding areas that count on your business for their livelihood, and working with our professionals at Bixler Insurance you will have the right business insurance in place. From liability insurance to property insurance, workers compensation insurance to commercial auto insurance, we can help you to put the right protections in place. Contact us today to learn more and put our experience to work for your business.

Small Business Insurance

Small businesses should still have insurance protection so that they don’t have to worry about a lawsuit ruining their livelihood. There are many different potential small business insurance policies that a small business should consider having in place. One of the most common is general liability insurance protection which helps with legal costs, property damage and medical expenses.

Small businesses may also want to look at business income insurance. This is designed to help provide income when your business is halted due to theft, fire damage, or other covered events. This helps to cover payroll and other expenses until you can get your business back into operation. If you own or lease a building or have other equipment, commercial property insurance is also an important insurance policy to consider adding.

If you have even a single employee, then you should be looking at unemployment insurance as well as workers compensation insurance. In most cases, these are both required insurances when you have employees. And if you have a vehicle as part of your business, commercial auto insurance needs to be in place for that vehicle as well.

Explore the Best Coverage Options for your Commercial Insurance

When you purchase business insurance through our providers, you can opt for coverage in the following areas:

Errors and Omissions

covers your business for injuries caused by neglect. Especially suited for licensed professionals like accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, architects, engineers, and technology companies.

Employment Practices Liability

covers employment related liabilities other than on-the-job injuries such as legal fees and damages for suits like wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other violations against employee rights.

Directors and Officers

covers directors and officers of a company for any negligent acts or omissions that result in lawsuits against the company.

Get a Quote for Commercial Insurance

While there are many different possible commercial insurance policies, it is important to know which ones apply to your situation and which ones are not needed. You can get started on reviewing your small business insurance options by getting a quote from us through our website. Just give us a little information on you and your business and we’ll get in touch with you to help you find the right commercial insurance to protect your business in Bluffton, Fort Wayne, New Haven, Portland, Decatur, IN, and the surrounding areas. Our team at Bixler Insurance will shop the market as an independent insurance agency to find you the right commercial insurance for your needs. Contact us today to help protect your business.

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